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Conferment of Decoration to Mr. Shigeru Kimura


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On Wednesday, November 24th, a decoration conferment ceremony was held for Mr. Shigeru Kimura, Chairman, Kinmon Gakuen (a Japanese Language Institute). Mr. Kimura is a 2010 Fall recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays. Approximately 60 people including the friends of Mr. Kimura's and the representatives of the local Japanese and cultural organizations attended.

In his opening greetings and congratulatory remarks, Consul General Hiroshi Inomata praised Mr. Kimura's contributions to the promotion of Japanese language through his publication such as "Monthly Magazine MON" and "The Japanese Telephone and Reference Directory as well as support for the Kinmon Gakuen over the years. His other contributions include promoting the well-being of Japanese nationals in the San Francisco Bay Area through volunteer services to the large-scale cultural events such as Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival and help founding "Japan Club," an emergency network, and supporting other non profit organizations.

Mr. Kimura in his speech shared with the guests the history of the Kinmon Gakuen pledging to continue his support for the school as 2011 marks its 100th anniversary. Mr. Tadao Terajima, President of the Pacific Music Enterprise, Inc. offered his congratulatory remarks and the toast was proposed by Mr. Eddie Moriguchi, Chairman of the Japanese Benevolent Society of California. The ceremony was concluded by the traditional "Sanbon-jime," led by Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka, San Francisco Taiko Dojo who was joined by the members of the Kagami Kai and Taru Mikoshi.
Mr. Kimura provided an exhibit of the back numbers of his publications as well as documents and photos of the Kinmon Gakuen of its 100 years of history.

Title: Mr. Shigeru Kimura
Chairman, the Kinmon Gakuen
Current Address: San Francisco, California
Type of Order: The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays
Accomplishment: Contributed to the promotion of Japanese language in the United States.
Contributed to the promotion of the well-being of Japanese nationals in the United States.

For more information, please contact Consul Midori Yamamitsu at the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco at (415) 777-3533, extension 407

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