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2011 Tohoku Pacific Earthquake
Consulate General of Japan to Open a Special Account for Donations For Earthquake Relief

On the occasion of the recent Tohoku Pacific Earthquake, the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco (the Consulate General) would like to express our profound gratitude for all the communications expressing concern and sympathy as well as the many offers of assistance from various sectors that it has been receiving. The Government of Japan, together with the people of the affected region and the entire nation, is doing its utmost to provide rapid emergency response and help recovery in the region affected by the disaster. The Consulate General will do everything it can in this regard as well.

Recently we have been receiving numerous requests from individuals and organizations in California and Nevada seeking to make donations to the earthquake and Tsunami relief. In response to this strong desire of so many people who want to contribute, the Consulate General has established a special bank account "Tohoku Pacific Earthquake" for receiving donations of support as of 9AM today, March 15 until March 31, 2016. You can send a check to the Consulate General. Please see below for details. Donations are planned to be remitted to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
  Sending a personal check to the Consulate General of Japan
  Payable to: Consulate General of Japan
Send to: Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco
(Attention "Japan Earthquake Relief Fund")
275 Battery Street, Suite 2100, San Francisco, CA 94111
  -The Consulate General is NOT accepting cash donations.




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