Recognition for Japanese Centenarians

In Japan, “Respect for the Aged Day” is observed in September every year. The Prime Minister of Japan presents a certificate and a commemorative gift to each centenarian, honoring his or her long years of service to the community. Centenarians who live abroad but still hold Japanese citizenship also qualify to be honored in this annual event. Former Japanese nationals who naturalized to US citizens will receive a certificate from the Consul General of Japan in San Francisco.

If you or someone you know are eligible and reside in our jurisdiction, please call, send a fax, or e-mail to our office (Attention: Mr. Wakamatsu) providing the necessary information by Wednesday, June 13, 2018.


  1. Any Japanese or former Japanese national who was born between April 1, 1918 and March 31, 1919
  2. Any Japanese or former Japanese national who was born before March 31, 1918 and has not yet been honored

Required Information

  1. Centenarian's Japanese name in kanji and katakana characters
  2. Sex
  3. Date of birth
  4. Registered domicile in Japan
  5. Present address and telephone number

Contact Information

  1. Telephone number : 415-780-6000, Ext.6093 (Mr. Wakamatsu)
  2. Fax number : 415-767-4200
  3. E-mail:

Recommended Information

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