CONSUL GENERAL Tomochika Uyama
General Affairs
(Management & Coordination)
This section is in charge of overall management of office operations and protocol. It also supports various VIP visits. In addition, this section serves as a liaison for the Honorary Consul General in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Administrative Section
(Accounting Section)
This section controls the budget of the office, telegraphic communications, and takes care of human resource issues.
Political Affairs
(Inter Governmental Section)
(Community Support)
This section is responsible for research on political and electoral issues affecting Japan and the areas within the Consulate's jurisdiction. This section is also to facilitate relations between governmental agencies in Japan and California/Nevada. In addition, this section is in charge of engaging dialogue with providing support to Japanese American communities.
Economic Section The primary role of this section is to conduct ongoing research on economic issues involving Northern California and Nevada. Also, this section coordinates and supports efforts to strengthen economic cooperation between Japan and United States in both public and private sectors.
Japan Information & Cultural Center Japan Information & Cultural Center is the cultural and public affairs section of the Consulate General of Japan. Its primary role is to promote better understanding of Japan and Japanese culture by providing various information, educational services and programs to the public.
See more details on Information about Japan Information & Cultural Center.
Consular Affairs This section has frequent contact with the public since it issues visas for those who go to Japan as well as various certificates such as birth certificates and marriage certificates for local Japanese nationals. In addition, this section is in charge of providing support to Japanese nationals in case of emergency.
Security This section is in charge of the security measures for the office and Consul General's official residence.
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