Single Entry Short Term Stay Visa (Purpose of Visiting Friends/Relatives Only) Checklist

Please do NOT staple/clip/tab documents
(1) Valid Passport (must have a complete blank visa page)
(2) One visa application form (Fillablepdf) (Non-Fillablepdf)
  • Please type or print legibly in black/blue ink (no pencil).
  • Please do not leave any questions blank (Please write N/A if the question does not apply to you)
  • Your signature must match your passport signature.
  • Chinese citizens must write their names in both English AND Chinese characters.
  • For Russian Nationals, Nationals of CIS and Georgia: Two Application Forms are required
(3) One 2"x 2" passport-type photo taped to application form
  • Taken within the last 6 months
  • White Background, No glasses
  • For nationals of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, and other CIS nationals: Two photos
(4) U.S. Visa Status for Non-U.S. Citizens (Please submit both Originals and Photo copies)
  • Permanent Resident (Green Card / Advanced Parole, and/or I-551) & copy
  • H1B stamp & copy / L-1 & copy / I-797 & copy
  • F-1 stamp & copy AND I-20(with a valid school signature to travel) & copy
  • J-1 stamp & copy AND DS-2019(with a valid signature to travel) & copy
  • Employment Authorization Card (if applicable) & copy
(5) Confirmed OR Tentative Flight Reservation/Flight Itinerary that covers the entire trip starting from the US.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for tickets, which are unusable due to delay or denial of visa.
(6) Schedule of Stay (Day to Day Schedule) pdf or Travel Agency Itinerary with detailed hotel information.
  • Please write the hotel information including the addresses and phone numbers
(7) Applicant’s most recent U.S. Bank Statement/s with sufficient funds
  • U.S. Bank statement must show your full name, current balance, and partial account number.
  • Issued within the last 30 days, both Checking and Saving Accounts.
  • Funds must be in US currency, and your financial institution must be local.
(8) Letter of Reason for Invitation (English pdf OR Japanese pdf) completed by your relative/friend living in Japan.
  • Required if you will visit and stay in your friend’s or relative’s home in Japan.
(9) Additional Documents (You must submit a,b,c, or d)
  1. For Spouse of Japanese National: A copy of the Family Registry (Koseki-Tohon) of the Japanese spouse (issued within the last 3 months). Your marriage MUST be recorded.
  2. For Former Japanese National: A copy of your Family Registry (Joseki-Tohon). Your renunciation of Japanese Nationality MUST be recorded.
  3. For Child of Japanese National: A copy of the Family Registry (Koseki-Tohon) of the Japanese parent AND the applicant’s Birth Certificate. One of your parents MUST be a Japanese citizen at the time you were born.
  4. For Spouse of Permanent Resident OR Long-term Resident of Japan: Residence Card and Juminhyo of spouse living in Japan AND Marriage Certificate.
(10) Proof of Residence such as your California/Nevada Driver’s license/ID card, utility bill, bank statement, etc. showing your current address.
(11) Visa Fee
  • No fee for US Citizens
  • Visa Fee must be paid by cash, money order or cashier’s check payable to “Consulate General of Japan” when you pick up
  • Please do NOT staple/clip/tab documents.
  • You MUST schedule an appointment to apply.
  • Visa applications must be submitted in person OR by mail only if you live 100 miles away from our office. There is NO online visa application process.
  • We take a minimum of 5 business days to process, so please apply for your visa ahead of time. For special circumstances, we may take longer. Additionally, we do not have expedited services, no exceptions.
  • Once issued, the visa to enter Japan is valid for three months.
  • All documents must be written in English or Japanese.
  • Please submit a set of documents for each applicant. You may not share your documents. We do not make copies.
  • All documents must show your full name.
  • We may request additional documents.
  • Applications from those who entered the U.S. with a B1/B2 visa or who are under a U.S. visa exemption status will not be accepted.
  • 6 month validity is required for US re-entry permit or US refugee travel document holders who wish to travel Japan. Please note that we issue only single entry visas for these types of travel documents.
  • This list is valid at the San Francisco Office only.