Cultural and Educational Organizations

Japanese Tea Ceremony

  Omote Senke Domonkai Northern California Region
  Since Omotesenke Domonkai Northern California Region was founded in 1969, we have been practicing Omotesenke tea ceremony by Rikyu. Now we have two hundred thirty members including twenty eight instructors who are officially certified by omotesenke Domonkai in Kyoto, Japan. And also we have annual Summer seminar for three days in August, overseen by two instructors from Kyoto.
Location 1759 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94115
Contact Tel : 415-673-3380/ 415-552-6240
  Urasenke Foundation, San Francisco
  The Urasenke Foundation, San Francisco Center represents the 400 year old Urasenke Tradition of Tea in the United States. This non-profit foundation is devoted to public service educational programs on chanoyu (the tradition of preparing, serving, and drinking powdered green tea) and Japanese culture. The Foundation offers opportunities to learn more about chanoyu and Japanese culture through direct participation in tea gatherings, lectures, workshops, and other events. The Foundation also serves as a resource center for local and visiting scholars and offers introductory through advanced instruction in chanoyu.
Location 2143 Powell St., San Francisco, CA 94133
Contact Tel : 415-433-6553, Fax : 415-421-2109
E-mail :
  Urasenke San Francisco Association
  An association of members of the Urasenke Tea School in Kyoto. Established in 1960 to introduce Japanese culture and art through the Tea Ceremony, the chapter also preserves and practices the Japanese heritage of language, manner, appreciation and beauty of the Tea Ceremony. A non-profit organization with 250 members (open to anyone). The chapter hosts the Memorial Tea Ceremony and participates in the Cherry Blossom Festival as well as other events.
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