Photo Gallery

2015 Mineta Transportation Institute Awards Banquet (June 27th)
Event: Haiku Across Borders: From Japan to the United States…and Back Again? Perspectives of an American Haiku Poet (June 22nd)
“Rhythms of Nature: Works Inspired by Japan” Artist Talk (June 19th)
Kobe Food and Sake Experience (June 16th)
NICT R&D Forum in Silicon Valley (June 8th)
Consul General Yamada Visits the California State Capitol (May 27th-28th)
Consul General Yamada’s Courtesy Calls on California Government Officials (May 27th-28th)
Sacramento Tree Foundation's 2015 Tree Hero Awards (May 27th)
Consul General Yamada Visits the Nevada State Capitol (May 26th)
65th Annual Community Memorial Day Service (May 25th)
Rosa Parks Elementary School JBBP Farewell Ceremony (May 21st)
Prime Minister Abe’s wife donates Japanese books to Presidio Middle School (May 18th)
The 16th Annual Hakone Matsuri Japanese Festival (May 17th)
Children's Day at American International Montessori School (May 11th)
48th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival (April 11th - 19th)
Sakura Classic Northern California Kendama Competition (April 11th & 12th)
Opening Reception for JINS Eyewear (April 9th)
Presentation in Harker Middle School by Deputy Consul General Watanabe (April 8th)
ShortShorts: New Japanese Cinema at CAAMFest 2015 (March 14th & 19th)
Visit to SEQUOIA SAKE (March 12th)
Reception for Kimochi Inc’s Expansion into San Mateo County (March 12th)
11th Annual Japanese Speech Contest in Southern Nevada (March 7th)
Consul General and Mrs. Watanabe Visit Presidio Middle School (March 5th)
43rd Annual Japanese Speech Contest for Elementary School Students (March 1st)
Lecture: “Japan’s Contribution to the International Community in the Post World War II Era” in Monterey (February 25th-26th)
Osaka Global Innovation Program 2015 (February 20th)
Reception in Honor of Ms. June-ko Nakagawa, Recipient of the 2014 Autumn Decoration (February 10th)
Go Events with Yasuko Imamura (February 5th-8th)
Consul General Watanabe’s Meeting with Senate pro Tem Kevin de Leon (February 3rd)
2015 Red Cross Gala Consulate Reception (January 28th)
Japanese High Speed Rail Presentation in Las Vegas (January 28th)
Diane Kichijitsu - Rakugo in English! (January 26th - 27th)
Hokka Nichibei Kai New Year’s Party (January 24th)
Zen Square Opening Ceremony (January 22nd)
New Year’s Cocktail Reception in Nevada (January 22nd)
School Visit Program: "The Age of Samurai" at California charter schools
(January 21st-22nd)
New Year's Receptions by Japanese Affiliated Business Organizations
(January 17th & 30th)
New Year’s Cocktail Reception (January 14th)
Presentations by Mr. Yukio Okamoto, former Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan (January 12th)
Lecture on Cross-Cultural Understanding at Menlo High School (January 9th)
JUNBA 2015 Symposium and Summit (January 8th-9th)
Cultural Exchange Visit by Takata High School (January 5th-9th)
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