Japanese Rice and Rice-Related Product Promotion Event

On Tuesday, January 10, the Japan Rice and Rice Industry Export Promotion Association (JRE) hosted, "THIS IS JAPAN QUALITY: Celebrating the Rices of Japan" at The Ramen Bar in San Francisco. Vice Consul Mochizuki also attended this event and delivered a congratulatory speech.

Through numerous food tastings and lectures, the event promoted Japanese rice and rice related foods to distributors, buyers and chefs. It is the hope of organizers to increase the popularity of Japanese rice throughout the Bay Area.

Mr. Matsumoto, Managing Director of JRE; Introduction on Japanese rice and rice products

Mr. Craig A. Tabandera, Advanced Sake Professional; Sake Seminar

Mr. Kenichi Tominaga, Owner and Chef of Hana and Pabu; Cooking demonstration using Japanese rice

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