Sakuramento ArtMix

On Thursday, April 13, Sakuramento ArtMix, an event aimed at showcasing Japanese culture, including karaoke, anime, manga, coloring, bonsai, and origami, was held at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. Over 500 guests were in attendance, enjoying stage events such as a taiko performance by Japanese traditional instruments’ duo Kohaku and a performance by Japanese rock band Ayakashi. Consul Akihiro Kato and Vice Consul Satoshi Higo joined additional activities including a kagami-biraki (Sake Barrel Breaking) ceremony sponsored by Gekkeikan Sake (USA), Inc. and beer tasting with products donated by SAPPORO USA.

Vice Consul Higo leading Consul Kato (far right) and the other participants in a countdown for the Gekkeikan-sponsored kagami-biraki ceremony

Bartender advertising beer tasting sponsored by Sapporo

Kohaku performing a taiko piece on stage

Ayakashi giving a live performance

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