Walnut Creek-Kita Ward Partner City Signing Ceremony

On Tuesday, April 25, Walnut Creek, California, and Kita Ward, Tokyo, signed a partner city agreement in a ceremony that was held at Walnut Creek City Hall. Kita Ward Mayor Yosota Hanagawa and Ward Council Chairman Kanako Yamada led the delegation from Kita Ward. Walnut Creek Mayor Pro Tempore Justin Wedel and Mayor Hanagawa signed the agreement as representatives of their respective cities. About 30 Walnut Creek citizens joined the ceremony to celebrate this new chapter of friendship between the two cities.
Walnut Creek and Kita Ward have had a student exchange program for the past 18 years. The formalization of these ties is expected to help strengthen the cultural and educational exchange between Walnut Creek and Kita Ward’s citizens.

Mayor Hanagawa and Mayor Pro Tem Wedel displaying their signed agreement

Kita Ward delegation posing with Mayor Pro Tem Wedel and Councilmember Kevin Wilk

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