Sacramento-Matsuyama 35th Sister City Anniversary

On Friday, May 26, Deputy Consul General Nagayoshi attended a celebration in Sacramento for the 35th sister city anniversary of Sacramento, California and Matsuyama, Japan. Mayor Katsuhito Noshi and City Council Chairman Hiroyuki Kumomine led a delegation from Matsuyama for the occasion, and the Matsuyama-Sacramento Sister City Corporation hosted a reception to celebrate.
At the beginning of the ceremony, the Corporation praised the late Ralph Sugimoto, who had served as President for 19 years and made significant contributions to the friendship between the two cities. He passed away on May 25. The Matsuyama delegation presented flowers to Mr. Sugimoto’s family for their loss.
Afterwards, Deputy Consul General Nagayoshi, along with Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Vice Mayor Rick Jennings, and State Senator Richard Pan made short congratulatory marks in commemoration of this great milestone. Over 100 citizens from Sacramento were in attendance.

Deputy Consul General Nagayoshi giving congratulatory remarks

Mayor Noshi, Deputy Consul General Nagayoshi, and Vice Mayor Jennings posing during the reception

Mayor Steinberg giving remarks

Mayor Noshi and Mayor Steinberg exchanging gifts

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