Announcing the Results for the 3rd Annual New Year’s Greeting Card Contest

We are pleased to announce the results for this year’s New Year’s Greeting Card Contest for Elementary, Middle and High School students. Every year, Japanese people send New Year’s cards, or nengajo, to friends, family, and coworkers and we are glad to be able to share this Japanese tradition with local students. Over 200 cards from 11 schools from the Northern California will be displayed in Japan Information and Cultural Center gallery from January 24th through February 19th. We hope you will visit our gallery.

Elementary School Division

1st Place: Kazuma H. (3rd Grade)
2nd Place: Hana S. (5th Grade)
3rd Place: Ellen A. (2nd Grade)
1st Place
Kazuma H. (3rd Grade)
2nd Place
Hana S. (5th Grade)
3rd Place
Ellen A. (2nd Grade)


Special Recognition:
Ian N. (5th Grade) Madeline G. (5th Grade) Ha N. (Kindergarten)
Honorable Mentions:
Madyson O. (Kindergarten) Luka L. (Kindergarten) Yuki A. (1st Grade)
Aurora B. (1st Grade) Olivia D. (1st Grade) Emma D. (3rd Grade)
Rinka O. (3rd Grade) Mika T. (3rd Grade) Juniper H. (4th Grade)
Emily H. (4th Grade) Miyu H. (4th Grade) Lucy S. (4th Grade)
Aidan J. (5th Grade) Luna L. (5th Grade) Anju M. (5th Grade)


Middle and High School Division

1st Place: Hailey N. (10th Grade)
2nd Place: Chau N. (12th Grade)
3rd Place: Hailey T. (11th Grade)
1st Place
Hailey N. (10th Grade)
2nd Place
Chau N. (12th Grade)
3rd Place
Hailey T. (11th Grade)


Special Recognition:
Bona N. (9th Grade) Andrew Y. M. (12th Grade)  
Honorable Mentions:
Arisa K. (6th Grade) Ellena A. (8th Grade) Jessica G. (9th Grade)
Naomie H. (9th Grade) Rachel N. (9th Grade) Cindy F. (10th Grade)
Betty N. (10th Grade) Madison R. (10th Grade) Matthew X. (10th Grade)
Emily Y. (10th Grade) Sarah H. (11th Grade) Doris L. (11th Grade)
Jennifer L. (12th Grade) Sabrina L. (12th Grade)  


Participating Schools

  • Central Valley Japanese School
  • Clarendon Elementary School JBBP
  • Diablo Nippongo Gakuen
  • George Washington High School
  • Golden Gate Institute (Kinmon Gakuen)
  • Los Gatos High School
  • Oakland Nippongo Gakuen
  • San Mateo Nippon Gakuyen
  • Stevenson School
  • The Harker School
  • Xperience 2

Exhibit Term and Hours

January 24, 2018 – February 19, 2018
(Monday – Friday, except holidays)
9:00 am - Noon; 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm


Japan Information & Cultural Center
Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco
275 Battery Street, Suite 2100, San Francisco CA 94111


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