The 9th Sonoma MATSURI! Japanese Arts Festival

On Sunday, May 6, the 9th Sonoma County MATSURI! Japanese Arts Festival was held in Juilliard Park in Santa Rosa. Consul General Uyama attended the festival and gave his remarks.

As a part of the festival, the Consulate also partnered with local shamisen player Kyle Abbott and Yuzu, a traditional singer/songwriter from Tokyo for a special performance of Japanese folk music. The festival featured a number of other Japanese cultural performances and activities, including taiko drumming, tea ceremony, and traditional dance.

The Consulate also staffed its information booth with information on Japanese culture, language education, and travel in Japan.

Consul General Uyama greets the audience

Consul General Uyama views the booths at Sonoma Matsuri

Japanese folk music featuring Kyle Abbott on Shamisen and vocalist from Japan Yuzu

The audience enjoys the performances

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