22nd Tule Lake Pilgrimage

On June 29 and 30, Consul General Tomochika Uyama joined the 22nd Tule Lake Pilgrimage. Consul General Uyama attended the memorial service at the camp site on Saturday, June 29th, stating in his remarks that “the memory of such bitter pages in history should never be forgotten. We all have to reflect upon, time and again, the meaning of what happened to the Japanese American people during the war.” Consul General Uyama also expressed his gratitude to the generations who endured those experiences there, as well as their families and friends who keep the pilgrimage alive.

Consul General Uyama delivering remarks to the audience

Chanting at the invocation by Rev. Hatano and Rev. Shinseki

President of Tule Lake Pilgrimage Committee Hiroshi Shimizu and Consul General Uyama

Tule Lake jail, built by the late Jimi Yamaichi

The pilgrims gathering for the memorial service at the Tule Lake Segregation Center National Historic Landmark

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