Foreign Minister’s Commendation Conferment Ceremony for Chef Katsuyuki Takahashi

On Monday, August 19, Consul General Uyama presented the Foreign Minister’s Commendation for excellent Chefs for Ambassadors/Consul-Generals of Japan to Chef Katsuyuki Takahashi.

One of 16 chefs who received the award worldwide, Chef Takahashi was awarded in recognition of the significance of his contributions to diplomatic activities. He specializes in Japanese cuisine.

Chef Takahashi plates appetizers for guests

Chef Takahashi prepares soup

Consul General Uyama with Chef Takahashi and his wife

Patagonian Toothfish, Red Wine Simmered Figs, Silken Egg Squares and Watershield, Smoked Duck Loin, Cherry Tomato Tempura

King Crab Rolls

Nigiri Sushi

Orange Jelly and Panna Cotta

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