Foreign Minister’s Commendation Conferment Ceremony for Mr. Kaz Maniwa

Consul General Uyama delivers congratulatory remarks
Mr. Maniwa gives his acceptance speech
On Wednesday, November 13, Consul General Uyama hosted a conferment ceremony and reception at his official residence for Mr. Kaz Maniwa, recipient of the Foreign Minister’s Commendation. Mr. Maniwa, Senior Vice President of the U.S.-Japan Council, has actively engaged in a variety of leadership programs, including the Japanese American Leadership Delegation and TOMODACHI Initiative, and continues to help promote a strong partnership between Japan and United States.
Mr. Maniwa receives the Foreign Minister’s Commendation
Guests toast to Mr. Maniwa
Consul General Uyama, Mr. Maniwa, and guests from U.S.-Japan Council

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