Japanese Rice Promotion at the Emperor's Birthday Reception

Japanese Rice promotion
Guests sample Japanese rice bowls
On Wednesday, February 22, guests at the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco’s Emperor’s Birthday Reception had the opportunity to learn about and taste the high quality rice from Japan.
Guests learned about Japanese rice and rice related products from Consulate staff, videos, and brochures, and enjoyed tastings of Japanese rice bowls topped with beef, tuna, and eel. Sake made with Japanese rice was also available.
In addition, with the cooperation of the Japan Rice and Rice Industry Export Promotion Association, take-home samples of three types of rice were distributed: Akita Komachi (SHINMEI Co., Ltd.), Hitomebore (KITOKU SHINRYO CO., LTD.), and Sumidaya Rice (SUMUDAYA SHOUTEN CO., LTD).
Guests learn about Japanese rice
A variety of Japanese sake

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