Asia Society Panel Discussion: “Consuls General on International Security and the Path to Peace”

Speakers onstage
Consul General Noguchi discusses rules-based international order
On Wednesday, March 22, Consul General Noguchi spoke at “Consuls General on International Security and the Path to Peace,” a panel discussion hosted by the Asia Society of Northern California. Also joining the panel were Consul General of Kazakhstan Azamat Abdraimov, Consul General of Ukraine Dmytro Kushneruk, Consul General of Georgia Levan Beridze, and moderator Dr. Gloria Duffy, President and CEO of the Commonwealth Club of California.

Consul General Noguchi’s remarks touched on the security situation in the Indo-Pacific region and the importance of strengthening ties with the United States and like-minded countries for the establishment of rules-based international order. He mentioned that Japan, as the president of the G7 for 2023 and the only country that has suffered atomic bombings during wartime, will continue to make efforts toward a world without nuclear weapons. He also highlighted Japan’s solidarity and support of Ukraine, as underscored by Prime Minister Kishida’s recent visit to the country.
Audience at the panel discussion

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