Shochu Education Event: “Dive into the World of Shochu”

Opening remarks from Consul General Noguchi and presentation by Kayoko Akabori
Participants listen to the presentation
On Monday, June 19, the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco hosted "Dive into the World of Shochu," a seminar introducing the Japanese distilled spirits shochu and awamori to members of the local food and beverage industry.
The event, held at Commis restaurant in Oakland, featured a presentation by Kayoko Akabori of Umami Mart, who is well versed in shochu and awamori, and cocktail demonstrations by Yujiro Kiyosaki and Collier Smith, bartenders who are active in Japan and the United States, respectively.
The event also featured tastings by shochu and awamori vendors, providing an opportunity to introduce the appeal of Japanese spirits to industry professionals in the Bay Area.
Cocktail demonstration by Yujiro Kiyosaki
Cocktail demonstration by Collier Smith
Three shochu-based cocktails
(L to R) Ms. Akabori, Mr. Kiyosaki, Mr. Smith, Consul General Noguchi, Consul Horigome

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