Welcome Reception hosted by the City of Monterey for the Nanao Delegation

(Left to right) Acting Consul General Kishimori, Mayor Williamson, Former Mayor Albert, and Mayor Chatani
Group photo
On Saturday, September 23, a delegation led by Mayor Yoshitaka Chatani traveled from Nanao City in Ishikawa Prefecture to their sister city of Monterey, California on the occasion of the annual Monterey Jazz Festival.
Acting Consul General Kishimori gave remarks at a welcome reception highlighting the importance of grassroots exchanges like sister city programs for the Japan-California relationship. The reception featured additional remarks by Monterey Mayor Tyller Williamson, former Monterey Mayor Dan Albert, Mayor Chatani, and others who have long supported sister city exchanges between the two cities.
Monterey and Nanao City’s ties date back to 1986, when a delegation from Nanao City visited Monterey prior to establishing a sister city relationship in 1995. Through this relationship, Nanao City was able to replicate a version of the famous Monterey Jazz Festival in their region of Japan, as well as a “Fisherman's Wharf”-themed roadside station modeled after Monterey’s historic Fisherman's Wharf. The two cities also share a long-standing and successful exchange program between their region’s junior high school students.
Acting Consul General Kishimori gives remarks
Welcome remarks from Mayor Chatani and Mayor Williamson

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