Rosa Parks Elementary School JBBP 50th Anniversary Gala ‘Beyond the Generations’

Consul General Osumi presents the certificate to Principal Schmidt-Nojima (Credit: Hitomi Silver)
Consul General Osumi gives congratulatory remarks
On Saturday, October 14, Consul General and Mrs. Osumi attended Rosa Parks Elementary School’s gala celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program (JBBP). At the gala, Consul General presented a certificate of appreciation to the program, and Principal Laura Schmidt-Nojima accepted the certificate on the school’s behalf. Commissioner Alida Fisher of the San Francisco Unified School District was also in attendance.

The certificate of appreciation was presented in recognition of the school’s efforts to promote friendly relations between Japan and the United States through its education of Japanese language and culture to the local community over multiple generations. Under the gala’s theme of ‘Beyond the Generations’, alumni of the Program, former and current teachers, and current students with their families attended. Many of those in attendance are multigenerational families with members who have studied under the program.

San Francisco’s JBBP began in 1973 with an original goal of preserving Japanese language and cultural education for the city’s Japanese American community and has since evolved to serve a diverse student body reflective of the current community.

For more information on Rosa Parks Elementary School’s JBBP, please see their website: in new window
Speech from Principal Schmidt-Nojima
Commissioner Fisher gives remarks

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