The Bounty of Japan: “Sake, Scallops, and Steak” (Reception)

Greetings from Consul General Osumi
Toast by Maryam Muduroglu, SF Municipal Director of Ceremonies
On Monday, October 23, Consul General Osumi, with the cooperation of JETRO San Francisco office, hosted "Sake, Scallops, and Steak" at the Consul General's official residence, a reception to promote Japan's renowned agricultural and marine products. The reception was attended by San Francisco’s Chief of Protocol Maryam Muduroglu, and members of the Consular Corps, media, and the food & beverage industry.

At the reception, Chef Munetaka Igawa, the Consul General’s chef in residence, served braised Iwate Prefecture Maesawa wagyu (Japanese beef) pie and Hokkaido scallop terrine, among other dishes. Chef Toshiaki Ono of sushi restaurant Hashiri San Francisco participated as a guest chef, preparing sushi in front of guests with a variety of Japanese marine products including scallops and yellow tail from Hokkaido, and bluefin tuna and flatfish from Aomori prefecture. The reception also featured a sampling of sake from Iwate and Fukushima prefectures.

This event gave guests an opportunity to learn about the appeal of Japan’s leading agricultural, seafood, and sake products.
Wagyu by Chef Igawa
Sushi by Chef Ono (Bluefin tuna, Yellow tail, flatfish and Scallops)
Guests enjoying the meal
Scallops from Hokkaido
Sake from Iwate and Fukushima Prefectures
Group photo of reception participants

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