School Visit Program at Alisal High School


On Friday January 15, 2016, staff members from the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco visited two Japanese classes at Alisal High School in Salinas and gave a presentation on the Japanese education system and a typical day in the life of a Japanese high school student. There were about 35 students in attendance in each class. The two Japanese teachers are teaching through the Japanese Language Education Assistant Program (J-LEAP) which is supported by the Japan Foundation.

The students showed a great interest in the presentation and were very curious and asked many questions about the daily life of Japanese high school students and studying in Japan. Following the presentation, the students were shown how to play a simplified version of the Japanese New Year game card game, karuta, in hiragana using simple Japanese words and pictures. They really enjoyed this game while it helped them to review the hiragana and vocabulary that they learned in class.

If you are interested in our School Visit Program, please contact Mr. Steven Goldman, Senior Coordinator for Educational Affairs, Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco. TEL: 415-780-6086, FAX: 415-767-4202, Email:

When: Friday, January 15, 2016
Location: Salinas

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