Taste of Japan Honorary Awards Ceremony

The Taste of Japan Honorary Awards Ceremony was held on Saturday, January 16 at Rosewood Sand Hill. Consul General Jun Yamada attended the event, which was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

Chef Toshio Sakuma, also known as “Steve Jobs’ chef,” received an award at the beginning of the event for his noteworthy contributions to the promotion of Japanese cuisine in San Jose. The award was presented by Gwyneth Borden, Executive Director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. She was one of several experts from the US on the Taste of Japan Committee.

Consul General Yamada explained that food companies, chefs and local governments across Japan are working to promote Japanese cuisine overseas. He expressed his gratitude for the efforts of Chef Sakuma and other Japanese chefs. Through their work overseas, they are promoting not only the technique of Japanese cuisine, but are also sharing traditional Japanese culture.

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