Welcome Reception for the 68th JASC in San Francisco

On August 19th (Fri) Consul General Yamada held a welcome reception for participants of the 68th Japan-America Student Conference and local leaders at his residence. The following Monday (August 22nd) the Japan America Student Conference Alumni hosted their own reception at Hakone Garden and Consul General Yamada gave opening remarks. The Japan American Student Conference (JASC) brought some 70 Japanese and American students together for a month long program. The JASCers visited Boston, Washington D.C., Missoula, and San Francisco, discussing and debating U.S.-Japan relations and international issues, while also creating a deeper understanding between participants from both nations.

Japan America Student Conference: http://iscdc.org/
Location: San Francisco

Group photo

Consul General Yamada welcoming the JASCers

Mr. Julian Tash speaking on behalf of the American delegates

Mr. Yuuki Fujishima speaking on behalf of the Japanese delegates

Miss Kristy Holch giving remarks on behalf of the International Student Center

Mr Yamada, greeting at Hakone Garden

Former JASC, Mr Allen Miner

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