「ONCE IN JAPAN」フォト・コンテスト審査結果発表及び同写真展の開催!


在サンフランシスコ総領事館広報文化センターは,日本を実際に訪れた外国人の視点で,美しい,かっこいい,カワイイ,おいしい,おもしろいなど,感情を動かされた風景や人,モノなどの写真を対象とした「ONCE IN JAPAN」フォト・コンテストを実施しました。40名の方から約190作品の応募があり,当館館員及び山田総領事を含むコミュニティ審査員による厳正な審査を行った結果,下記のとおり最優秀賞,2等賞,3等賞及び入賞作品16作品を選定しました。


なお,当館広報文化センターでは,上位3作品及び入賞16作品を集めた「ONCE IN JAPAN」フォト・コンテスト写真展を8月8日(月)から9月15日(木)の期間に開催しますので,是非お立ち寄りください。


  • 最優秀賞:Kevin Frates “Kabukicho Sonata”
  • 2等賞:Anthony Chuong “Traditional Wedding”
  • 3等賞:Efrat Morag “A Young Geisha in the Streets of Kyoto”

  • 入賞者:
    Kevin Frates “Kitsune”
    Amy Wang “Journey Into Spring”
    Amy Wang “Tokyo Street Scene”
    Edward Yang “Tokyo Blues”
    Edward Yang “End of Line”
    Anthony Chuong “Ramen Stands”
    Elaine Segura “Fukuoka’s First Pride Parade”
    Elaine Segura “Cat in Arita, Saga”
    Emma Wong “Tako”
    Emma Wong “Tsukiji Squid Man”
    Man Yi Ho “I love Doraemon”
    Kiel MacDonald “Viewing life Underwater”
    Andrea Lao “Yozakura”
    Flora Pui Ke Choi “OMO-TE-NA-SHI”
    Arnie Papp “New and Old Married Couples”
    Diane Jong “Communion”


    Mr. Jun Yamada Consul General, Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco
    Mr. Hiroyuki Haraguchi Vice President and GM, CANON USA
    Mr. C. Lawrence Greenwood  President, Japan Society of Northern California
    Ms. Donna Kimura President, JCCCNC



Kevin Frates
Kabukicho Sonata

Godzilla watches over the Kabukicho district of Tokyo. Kabukicho is a lively entertainment district in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. What stood out to me was the chaos but organized nature of the city.



Anthony Chuong
Traditional Wedding

Entering into Meiji Shrine, the crowd stands off to the side silently witnessing this elegant traditional Japanese wedding



Efrat Morag
A Young Geisha in the Streets of Kyoto

Took this photo in Gion, an old neighborhood in Kyoto. I was following a group of two Geishas accompanied by 5 men, probably on their way to dinner. They stopped for a moment next to a bridge with wonderful sakuras blooming in the background, and I could see the excitement in the young Geisha's eyes. She was just enchanting.