Japanese Passport Application/Renewal



(1) One Application Form (please use BLACK ink)
(2) One Family Registry (Koseki Tohon※), issued within the past six months, is required if:
  • Passport is expired or lost OR
  • The registered domicile (registered address, known as Honseki) or name has changed (to add a non-Japanese spouse's name for the first time, an official document such as a green card or marriage certificate is required to verify the spelling of the name) OR
  • A minor child's parents are divorced, to show proof of custody
(3) Current or Expired Japanese Passport
(4) One photo, taken within the past six months
  • Size: 35mm x 45mm (width x height) OR U.S. passport photo size (2in x 2in).
    The area from the top of the head to the chin must be no less than 32 mm, and no more than 36 mm high.
  • Should be facing forward with a plain background
  • No hats, masks, or sunglasses
  • School photographs may not be accepted
  • Best if taken at a photo studio (poor quality digital photo may not be accepted)
  • For example, click here (Japanese)Open a new window
(5) Green Card (for Permanent Residents) or U.S. VISA / U.S. Passport or Birth Certificate (for Dual Citizens). For dual citizens born outside of the U.S., a Consular Report of Birth Abroad Certificate will be required.
(6) Proof of Residence (For example: U.S. Drivers license)
(7) Letter of Consent PDF Open a new window (Application for Japanese passports of minors Open a new window )


Fees will be collected at the time the passport is picked up.
We accept cash, money order, or cashiers check ONLY (exact amount please).
For one-day consular service, only money orders or cashiers checks will be accepted (made out to Consulate General of Japan).


Five working days.
Pick-up must be done by the applicant within six months of the application date.


(1) Applicants under the age of 18 years may only apply for a 5-year passport.
(2) Even applicants age 0 must apply for their own passports.
(3) You will need to fill out your registered domicile on the application form, so please research it beforehand.
(4) You may designate someone to apply on your behalf. On the front side of the application, please be sure to sign on the dotted line and inside the box (this is the signature that will appear on the passport). The designated person will be asked to show a form of photo identification.
(5) If you wish to request a passport application form by mail, please send a 9” x 12” self-addressed stamped envelope with three forever stamps (application form may not be folded). If requesting more than 3 applications, please check the required postage. Please enclose a note requesting the number of applications you need and specify either a 5- or 10-year passport application. Please be aware that we DO NOT accept any application submissions by mail. Individuals MUST submit their applications in person.
(6) For applicants who reside over 100 miles from our office and within our jurisdiction, passports will be ready for pick-up the same day 3:00 pm, if the application is submitted by 11:00 am. Please call our office to make an appointment in advance, as we can only accept a limited number of applicants each day.
(7) We ask that those who have had a change to their residence report (Overseas Residential Registration(zairyu todoke)) and have not yet submitted a change report, please do so as quickly as possible.
1. What is KOSEKI (Koseki Tohon)?
A family register (koseki) is an official document that records and certifies the identity and family relationships of Japanese citizens on the basis of family law. Because this system is closely connected to the lives of the citizens of Japan, it is administered by local governments (municipalities) in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, with involvement by the central government as necessary in the form of directives and other measures.

Such registers are maintained only for Japanese citizens; as they are not established for foreigners, they also serve to certify Japanese citizenship.

The information about all of the family members are recorded in the Koseki Tohon and the information about the designated person are recorded in the Koseki Shohon.

2. How can I obtain a Koseki Tohon?
You may ask your relatives in Japan to obtain an original copy for you at the local municipal office of your Domicile (Honseki-chi). You may need to provide power of attorney to the person, depending on that person’s relationship to you. You may also obtain an original copy overseas by mail. The required documents may vary among the municipal offices, but in general, you would need:
  1. Application form (in Japanese)
  2. ID
  3. A proof of residence
  4. Application fee and mailing fee
  5. A self-addressed return envelope
Please contact your municipal office directly or check their home page for more details.

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