Photo Gallery

Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival (Apr 23rd- 24th)
School Visit Program (George Washington High School) (Apr 21st)
2016 Critical Issues Forum (CIF) (Apr 16th)
School Visit Program (Davis High School) (Apr 15th)
Sister Museums: CA Railroad Museum & Railway Museum in Japan (Apr 11th)
The 49th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival (Apr 9th -17th)
Sake Tasting Event at the 49th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival (Apr 9th- 10th)
2016 Sakura Classic Kendama Contest at the 49th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival (Apr 9th- 10th)
Pre-departure orientation for the 2016 JET Program early departure candidates (Apr 8th)
Opening Event for High Definition Ukiyo-e Exhibition (Apr 7th)
Pacific Salon (Mar 29th)
Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California Annual Meeting (Mar 24th)
TPP Seminar (Mar 22nd)
Japan Society of Northern California's Annual General Meeting (Mar 22nd)
2016 Japanese Government Scholarship Pre-Departure Orientation (Mar 16th)
New Japanese Films at CAAMFest 2016 (Mar 11th, 17th, 19th, & 20th)
The 44th Annual Japanese Speech Contest for Elementary School Students (Mar 13th)
12th Annual Japanese Speech Contest in Southern Nevada (Mar 12th)
"Never Forget"- 5 Year Anniversary Event (Mar 11th)
Conferment Ceremony of the Order of the Rising Sun for Mrs. Kathleen Kimura, MBE (Mar 10th)
Japanese University students' visit to San Francisco (KAKEHASHI project) (Mar 9th)
“Nihonmachi: The Place to Be” and Consul General’s Commendation (Mar 6th)
“Bridging Worlds, Bridging Hearts”: 5-Year Anniversary Memorial of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (Mar 6th)
School Visit Program at Rosa Parks Elementary School (Mar 2nd)
Conferment Ceremony of the Foreign Minister’s Commendation to Dr. Kuniko Takeuchi (Mar 1st)
School Visit Program at Harker Middle School (Feb 29th)
Japanese Pop Culture Lectures in Las Vegas (Feb 25th - 26th)
Participating in "Sushi Knowledge Dissemination Seminar" (Feb 24th)
Conferment Ceremony of the Foreign Minister’s Commendation to Dr. Kay Takeyama Dilena (Feb 23rd)
Kimochi San Mateo Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (Feb 22nd)
The 1st Greater Sacramento Area Japanese Speech Contest (Feb 20th)
Nengajo Contest: School Visit Award ceremony (Feb 19th & 24th)
Consul General Yamada Receives Courtesy Visit from the Kokushikan University Judo Club (Feb 17th)
Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce San Francisco Bay Area’s 21st Annual Banquet (Feb 14th)
The Foreign Minister’s Commendation for Mr. Iichiro Lawson Sakai (Feb 13th)
Conferment Ceremony of the Foreign Minister’s Commendation in Honor of the 70th Anniversary of the End of the War (Feb 11th)
APA Heritage Month Kickoff Reception (Feb 9th)
San Francisco Japantown 110th Anniversary Kick Off Reception (Feb 4th)
New Year’s Receptions by Keizai Silicon Valley (Jan 29th)
"Hatsu-Gama Chakai" hosted by Urasenke Tanko-Kai (Jan 24th)
Hokka Nichibei Kai New Year’s Party (Jan 23rd)
New Year’s Cocktail Reception in Nevada (Jan 21st)
2016 “Way of Tea” Program (Jan 20th-22nd)
“Hatsu-Gama Chakai” hosted by Urasenke Foundation (Jan 18th)
New Years’ Party hosted by the Buddhist Church of San Francisco (Jan 17th)
New Year's Receptions by JCCNC (Jan 16th)
Japan Pavilion at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2016 Kickoff Reception (Jan 16th)
Taste of Japan Honorary Awards Ceremony (Jan 16th)
Commemorative event for new picture book on US-Japan cultural exchangen (Jan 16th)
School Visit Program at Alisal High School(Jan 15th)
New Year’s Cocktail Reception (Jan 12th)
“Hatsu-Gama Chakai” hosted by Omotesenke-Domon-Kai (Jan 10th)
San Francisco Japantown Foundation “Osechi 2016” (Jan 7th)
2015(Jul ~ Dec) Photo Gallery
2015(Jan ~ Jun) Photo Gallery

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